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24/7 Answering Service

Big Sky Tek has a 24/7 live agent answer and messaging service. Lot of businesses can benefit from this when they need a proven and cost-effective solution to handle calls when they are offline.

Outbound Dialling

Big Sky Tek offers a team of outbound calling call center agents. Want to get new leads, follow-up with customers, offer them new products, etc.? Look no further

Virtual Reception

Are you looking for a front-desk agent but it isn’t financially possible to do so because of your budget or your call volume? Contact Us, and we can assist!

Help Desk Support

Do you need reliable help desk and customer support for your business? With Big Sky Tek, we can offer help desk services such as logging trouble tickets or offering tiered support systems. When businesses require exceptional help desk or customer service support they rely on Big Sky’s Call Center agents to log trouble tickets or offer tiered support utilizing our customizable forms software.

What Do We Do?

We are a full call center outsourcing services provider company. 

We started our telephone based telemarketing services and support services in 2017. Strict call center quality control, stringent data security policies, highly competent call center agents and robust call center technology enabled us to become the most trusted and reliable call center outsourcing services company in Alberta.  We provide offshore call center outsourcing service to all size of business houses based in any part of the world.

We as a call center outsourcing firm out of Alberta are specialized in all type call center services, products, technologies, management programs and computer-telephony integration. We deliver to customers worldwide a selection of call center services and packages with exceptional quality and services at affordable and competitive prices. Our in-depth understanding of the call center business and call center technology enable us to provide our customers with unique call center solutions.


  • We customize every outsourced call center program to meet your business needs.
  • Our flexible network of integrated call centers gives us the unique ability to precisely match agents to volume.
  • Our multi location call centers enable us to continually provide service, during natural or man-made disasters.
  • Our professional agents handles more than 2 million calls in different languages and time zones for our clients ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small private practices.
  • Our agents go through a rigorous training process before starting their career as call enter agent and are continuously monitored using a quality assurance checklist.
  • Our each call center process has team of dedicated managers and in-house technicians to provide assistance 24/7/365

Our Mission

Our mission to make its customer successful by offering innovative combinations of talented people backed by latest call center technology at exceptional value for money.

We create new opportunities by playing a key role in guiding our clients to emerging and traditional offshore call center outsourcing destinations within the framework of our client’s distinct needs and requirements.

  • We deliver the highest level of quality, customer service and convenience for each client.
  • We continue to develop our clients through courses, seminars and on-the-job training.
  • We invest in leading edge technology to meet and exceed each client’s expectations.
  • We respond rapidly to our clients’ changing needs, as well as to changes in the call center industry.
  • We partner with you to produce the most cost effective and highest quality results possible.

Our Clients

Who needs Third Party Verification (TPV)

Telemarketing Companies ,as well as Phone Service providers, are required to use a TPV (Third Party Verification) in selling products or services over the phone as well as those who take electronic payments receiving either written or voice recorded authorizations. This also applies to anyone who wants to have a TPV record or Verbal Contract to fall back on when fighting chargeback or billing disputes.

Big Sky Tek offers a free professional consultation including help with designing your call flow. Upon request, we will customize the IVR script to meet your verification standards and rules.

By Phone

Verification retrievals may be accessed at any time with a touch-tone phone. Verifications may be retrieved over the phone with a confirmation number. You can call into ‘s automated system to listen to your stored verifications for up to 120 days standard or longer upon request.

By Email

Instantly forward Email verifications back to you. You will have immediate access to all audio and data collected. Emails will contain captured text data and audio. Audio answers can be treaded into a single file or they can be separated into multiple files for every collected audio answer. Also, the audio files may be attached to an email, or we can put links to the audio files and host them on our Password Protected Data. N.B. If you do not have an email account that is powerful enough to handle high volumes of traffic with large attachments, then we can provide a powerful email account.*

By Web-Mail

We also offer a password-protected web-based email interface for easily retrieving verifications. You may also use message handling software to categorize, label, sort, organize and search your verifications.


Text Data and Audio Recordings may be downloaded at any time with an FTP Client or Played via Web Browser, text editor, and Media Player.

By Web

Text Data and Audio Recordings may be downloaded at any time with a Web Browser, Text editor and Media Player.


Audio Recordings and Master Data Files may be burned to a CD-ROM and shipped to you. MS Access 2000 and Media Player are required.


Audio Recordings and Master Data File may be burned to a DVDD-ROM and shipped to you. MS Access 2000 and Media Player are required.


This is basically our Verbal Contracts Service that uses our Virtual Phone Recording System. In this scenario, the sales agents will do most of the talking. In many cases reading a telemarketing call script on a piece of paper in front of them.

PRE-SCRIPTED TPV (automated Q&A session)

An automated attendant will walk the caller through a series of pre-scripted questions and collect recorded or touch-tone answers. Next, Norbell will append a Time and Date stamp and issue a unique confirmation number. We would then email the entire verification to any email address you choose. We can also record phone conversations that allow the sales agents to do most of the talking.


Starts out with open-ended conversation and then moves to a pre-scripted automated attendant. We will capture, record, and store voice authorizations automatically. Norbell’s TPV is created by calling into Norbell’s Automated System.

High-Quality Recordings:

Norbell will record your scripted menus and questions in a recording studio so your automated attendant sounds just the way you want.

Verification Capacity

Norbell’s system is highly scalable and up-gradable for rapid growth. We can scale to meet your call volumes.

Verification Storage Capacity

We can store and archive your verifications for up to 10 years. We may also burn your verifications to a CD and then archive them in our data vault.

Toll-Free Numbers Available

Norbell can provide a Toll-Free line for your verifications. We will forward a Toll-Free Number to your Verification System.

Backup and Protection

We can forward record messages as file attachments to a backup email account. For additional backup and protection, we can also forward verifications to a backup server for triple protection.

Encryption Services

For those requiring E-Commerce Transactions with credit cards and banking info, we can set up a VPN tunnel between Norbell and your Company at a very low cost.

All of the information needed must be provided in a clear and precise way and should be contained in any communication with a customer for consent and verification of authorization from that customer for an order for a product or service:

  • Name and telephone number of the customer
  • Date of consent and verification of authorization
  • Questions to ensure that the customer is qualified to order the product or service and to authorize the billing
  • Explanation of the product or service offered
  • Explanation of applicable charges
  • Explicit customer acknowledgment that the charges will be assessed on the customer’s telephone bill
  • Explanation of how a product or service can be canceled
  • Description of how the charge will appear on the customer’s telephone bill; and Information on whom to call and a working, toll-free telephone number for customer inquiries

Consent and verification of authorization from a customer

  • Written Documentation
    • Written consent and verification of authorization shall be a separate document containing only the information required.
    • The document shall be signed and dated by the customer.
    • The document shall not be combined with inducements of any kind on the same document.
  • Toll-Free Electronic Authorization
  • Voice Recording
    • The recorded conversation with a customer shall be clear, concise, and shall contain the information required.
    • The recording shall include the entire and actual conversation with the customer.
  • Independent Third Party Verification Recording
    • Verification shall be given to an independent third party with minimal participation by a service provider only to respond to specific questions from the customer.
    • The recorded conversation with a customer shall be clear, concise and shall contain the information required.

Help Desk Solutions

Big Sky Tek’s helpdesk services provide your customers with round-the-clock support and dedicated customer care representatives, without the high costs associated with providing an in-house helpdesk.

Setting up helpdesk facilities, maintaining and training a team of operators and managers is expensive and is a real cost that lowers your bottom line on a daily basis; while, outsourcing is viewed as a deductible business expense.

In addition to providing a tax friendly alternative for your business, outsourcing your helpdesk allows you to focus your attention on your core business.

24×7 technical phone support through a tollfree number.

Routing to field dispatch when on-site maintenance is required (for customers with service contracts or with a request for service on a time and material basis)

Customer access to extensive information via the World Wide Web:

  • Technical product information and FAQ’s
  • Non-billable software updates via the World Wide Web (what is considered non-billable software updates)
  • Maintenance releases
  • Software release notes

Level 1 Support

Provide phone support to end users including trouble ticket opening, initial problem determination and routing, if necessary, and track requests to resolution.

Level 2 Support

Assist in problem resolution via phone support through utilizing problem history search, problem determination tools, problem resolution histories, configurations, manuals and other tools.

Level 3 Support

Provide detailed problem resolution with the assistance of the engineering support organization having expertise in the problem area including service planning, development and product engineering. Depending on the Service purchased by the customer, the problem resolution will take place accordingly, i.e. by us or referred back to the Customer’s help desk or support service.

Services Offered

  • Customer Care
  • Order Management
  • Restaurant Order Taking
  • Pizza Order Taking
  • Technical Support
  •  Help Desk Service
  • Crisis Management
  • Email Reply and Social Media Management
  • And Much More…

From telemarketing and sales to aftermarket sales, Big Sky Tek’s outbound call centers outsourcing have been developed to handle all of your outbound telemarketing needs.

In today’s ever-changing world, you need an outbound call center partner who is equipped to provide you with the expertise, the personnel and the facilities to handle your most important outbound call center projects. As the leader in outbound, live operator direct marketing services, Big Sky Tek is uniquely situated to provide you with the most cost-effective and productive outbound call center solutions. If you are looking for an outbound call center partner who possesses the facilities to handle all of your outbound call center needs, look no further than Big Sky Tek.

  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • QA Surveys
  • Customer Retention
  • Telemarking and Sale

In a contact center operation, hiring skilled agents and employees is a must. CSR’s should be trained often for specific roles and responsibilities that reflect their expertise. To determine the distribution of contacts and maximize the effectiveness of the staffs, choose the appropriate training program and tools with workflow process support and skills based routing.

Advanced training, recognition, and competitive salaries are essential in retaining an effective, productive, call center workforce.

Various customer service training courses are available at Big Sky Tek:

  •  Management Courses
  • Technical Skills Courses
    • Windows
    • MS Office
    • Database – SQL, Oracle and Access
    • IVR
    • CTI
    • Telecommunications
  • Soft Skills Courses
    • Customer Care
    • Stress management
    • Time Management
    • Organization Skills
    • Contact Management

Quality monitoring is one of the most effective methods for improving the level of service you provide to your customers. Not only can it improve the customer experience, it can also improve overall call center performance, identify areas for training or process improvement opportunities while facilitating employee development.

Big Sky Tek’s quality service frees you and your staffs enabling you to focus on optimizing center performance. By providing self developed and tested call quality analysis combined with hosted analytics, Big Sky Tek delivers service quality information on your call center, giving you the business intelligence you need to improve and maintain service quality.

Big Sky Tek offers a comprehensive product and service portfolio. These products and services are a unique and customized selection of solutions that encompass the design, building and operation of a state-of-the-art call center. At Big Sky Tek we provide our clients, TOTAL Solutions.

The uniqueness of Big Sky Tek’s Service Portfolio is achieved and defined by software companies that we have partnered with. Most organizations that provide Call Center services, only offer 5% to 30% of the services listed in the Big Sky Tek Call Center Total Solutions portfolio. We take pride in granting all our customers best satisfaction by delivering the following premium quality services

  • Web based admin/user login
  • Multiple Extensions and Mailboxes
  • Provisioning Button Programming
  • User Interface CDR Admin
  • Auto Attendants
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Unlimited Conference Bridging and Recording
  • Inbound Call Routing
  • Call Recording/Archiving
  • Real Time BLF Console
  • ACD Real Time wallboards

Telemarketing Companies as well as Phone Service providers are required to use a TPV (Third Party Verification) in selling products or services over the phone as well as those who take electronic payments receiving either written or voice recorded authorizations. This also applies to anyone who wants to have a TPV record or Verbal Contract to fall back on when fighting chargeback or billing dispute.

  • Customized IVR Scripts
    • We offer a free professional consultation including help with designing your call flow. Upon request we will customize the IVR script to meet your verification standards and rules.
    • High Quality Recordings

The Big Sky Tek’s suite of services provides direct and immediate communications channels for your clients. This creates a consistent consumer experience and maximizes interactions with your customers in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Whether you need a single service or an integrated approach, we have the flexible solutions that can improve customer satisfaction, retention, and value. We help you make the most of your customer contacts by managing your customer interaction center, while you focus on your core competencies and business.