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Quality Monitoring Services

Quality Monitoring Services

Quality monitoring is one of the most effective methods for improving the level of service you provide to your customers. Not only can it improve the customer experience, it can also improve overall call center performance, identify areas for training or process improvement opportunities while facilitating employee development.

Big Sky Tek quality service frees you and your staffs enabling you to focus on optimizing center performance. By providing selft developed and tested call quality analysis combined with hosted analytics, Big Sky Tek delivers service quality information on your call center, giving you the business intelligence you need to improve and maintain service quality.


Reduce the cost of quality monitoring.

Save time and resources for focus on critical center operations and service improvement activity.

Give more frequent, timely feedback to customer service and support agents.

Call center quality monitoring occurs reliably and on schedule with reports available online in real-time.

Gain third-party expert perspective on your operations.

Big Sky Tek quality analysts and managers draw on their extensive experience in customer service analysis to provide new insights into your service quality.

Spend little or nothing on software or hardware.

With our hosted solution, there is no need to purchase special software or allocate server resources. There is no software to load or maintain.

Improve coaching of service and support agents.

Build your service-oriented culture agent by agent with specific, actionable recommendations for change.

Gain customer insights that influence future call center strategies.

Reports include both quantitative and qualitative information that gives you new understanding of your customers.

Customized quality measures that advance your call center strategy.

Utilizing the latest industry research and best practices, Big Sky Tek develops customized quality standards specific to your operations and customer base. Our Analytics gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Big Sky Tek lays the highest emphasis on the quality of customer interaction services. It has a sound procedure to monitor every call between its representative and valued customers. The quality of calls is evaluated by-

  • Mystery Callers
  • Recordings
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Barge-Ins
  • Silent Monitoring

Frequent Evaluation

The monitoring team keeps a close eye on every agent and their incentives depend on the basis of their monitored performance. Frequent evaluation of reports for every agent is carried out to judge their conformity with the script, product and service-specific information. Save time and resources for focus on critical center operations and service improvement activity.

Whispered assistance

Contact center supervisors provide whispered coaching to online agents. It results in a more concentrated and immediate solution when our agents are online with the customers. Moreover, test calls by prospective/existing clients are also readily welcome at all times.

Frequent Re-Evaluation

Dealing with the quality process, we view all the possible parameters in detail. All the aspects that are set up at the beginning of the process are re-evaluated and their end result is compared with the expected one (like the average time per call). All the discrepancies are noted and are rightly accounted for.