Call Center Training

Big Sky Tek’s Training Services

In a contact center operation, hiring skilled agents and employees is a must. CSR’s should be trained often for specific roles and responsibilities that reflect their expertise. To determine the distribution of contacts and maximize the effectiveness of the staff, choose the appropriate training program and tools with workflow process support and skills-based routing.

Once these CSRs have been hired and trained, motivating and retaining them is as important as keeping customers. They need to keep up on support methods, products, and processes. Training materials should be kept up-to-date so that agents can satisfy customers in the best manner.

Advanced training, recognition, and competitive salaries are essential in retaining an effective, productive, call center workforce.

Big Sky Tek’s complete and comprehensive training program is ideal for start-up call center professionals, as well as, advanced level programs for human resource career development. We provide training in our multimedia facilities located worldwide and customized in-house training services on customer locations.

We have certified and trained instructors with multimedia training material and tools.

agent training program

Agent Training Program

Big Sky Tek is having the best training material and one of the finest call center trainers in the industry. Our training program is designed and developed by the industry experienced professionals and comprise hardware and software training.

Big Sky Tek is recognized and approved by many municipality and governments world wide. Our prestigious training institutes deliver high quality graduates in multiple languages.

training highlights

Training Highlights

  • Introduction of the call center concept:
  • Introduction of the workplace
  • Setting up a workplace
  • Introduction to neighbours
  • Introduction to Software and Hardware
  • Basics of Customer Service
  • Motivation, Attitude and Etiquette
  • Basics of Interpersonal Communication
  • Vocal Skills and vocabulary
  • Questioning Skills and Listening Skills
  • Responding Customer Call and Customer Satisfaction
  • Dealing with challenging calls
  • Ergonomics
  • Stress Management
call center courses

Some of the courses offered at Big Sky Tek

  • Agent Workstation and Telephone
  • Ergonomics
  • Sales Basic
  • Customer Service Basic
  • Call Center 101
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Dealing with stress
  • Soft skill training Level 1 [Basic]
  • Soft Skill training Level 2 [Intermediate]
  • Soft Skill training Level 3 [advanced]
  • Technical Training [Basic]
  • Telecommunication [residential]
  • LAN and WAN [Basic]
  • Computer and Software [Basic]
  • Technical Training [Intermediate]
  • Telecommunication [Business]
  • Internetworking [Basic]
  • Computer and Software [Intermediate]
  • Help Desk 101
  • Technical Training [advanced]
  • Telecommunication [carrier & service provider]
  • Internetworking advanced
  • CRM and Knowledgebase [basic]
  • Help Desk [advanced – single-point resolution]
  • HR Department 101
  • Policies and Legislation
  • Attendance and Workload Management
  • Employment contract
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Pay for performance
  • HR legal and Financial
  • HR Management and Controls
  • Organization Structure, responsibilities and controls
  • Introduction to Quality Controls
  • Elements of Quality Controls
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • QUALITY Auditing, Reporting, Feedback and Close looping
  • Help Desk [advanced – single-point resolution]
  • Introduction to Call Center Operations
  • Department structure, Job titles, job description and responsibilities
  • Projects, Campaigns, Teams and redundancy
  • Interdepartmental interfaces, correspondence and communication
  • Attendance and workload management
  • Minimum performance Vs. commission and Incentives
  • Data and Information Management
  • CRM and CIM
  • Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting and Compliance
  • Communications
  • Systems and Applications
  • Security, legal and Financial Controls
  • Introduction to traditional telephony
  • Introduction to IP telephony
  • Advanced Internetworking
  • Infrastructure
  • Installations, maintenance, support, monitoring and management
  • Introduction
  • Resource Qualification
  • Processes and escalation levels
  • Problems Description and Close looping
  • Active Knowledgebase
  • 7x24x365
  • Introduction
  • Traditional Telephony Billing
  • IP Billing
  • Wireless billing
  • E-Commerce
  • AP, AR, Auditing, CDR Consolidation, Reconciliation
  • Wholesale, Retail and Customer billing
  • Introduction
  • Project management for Call Centers
  • Project management [Basic]
  • Project management [Intermediate]
  • Project management [Advanced]
  • AP, AR, Auditing, CDR Consolidation, Reconciliation
  • Wholesale, Retail and Customer billing