Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning Consulting

Big Sky Tek’s machine learning consulting services empowers companies design, build, and implement AI-powered software.

It is our duty to ensure that companies are aware of machine learning capabilities and how it can help them scale and align with their business goals.

Our software consulting and engineers are experts in the latest machine learning best practices, data science modeling, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

It is with these skills, that we can allow businesses to truly experience AI in their business.

Certified and Experienced

Here at Big Sky Tek, we have a team of professionals that are fully certified Google Cloud AI Engineers and Microsoft AI Azure Engineers.

Algorithmic Modelling

Wondering how algorithmic modelling will benefit your business? We provide solutions to help you scale your business.  By analyzing your data, we are able to utilize machine learning technology to provide you with all the variables you need to help you save money!

  1. Want to know what products are selling the most on what day of the week and time?  
  2. Want to be able to pinpoint the exact demographics that your product is being sold to?
  3. And Many More!

Computer Vision

  • Detect Objects 
  • Implement Custom Vision Solutions
  • Image Analysis and extract insights with video indexer service
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Face Recognition Technology via a Face API
    • Verification
    • Detection
    • Identification
    • Similarity
    • Grouping 


  • Speech to Text Technology
  • Speech Translation
  • Speaker Verification


  • Text Analytics
  • Content Moderation
  • Sentiment Analysis Algorithm
ecommerce web design


  • Question and Answer Bot that can communicate with customers via AI induced technology